Differential Pricing — a competitive advantage or a processing nightmare?

Think of the resources it takes to work-up a single sales quotation. You need to update your base price, adjust for cost of goods sold, shipping costs, payment terms, delivery dates and a host of other customer, product or geographic specifics — all of which are constantly changing.

Once the sale is made, there are invoicing, inventory control, order fulfillment, risk management and payment processing issues.

Now multiply the process by a hundred, a thousand or tens of thousands of quotes and sales each day.

If even one step in this chain breaks your competitive advantage quickly becomes a processing nightmare.

Transform your pricing and order processing headaches into new sales and growth opportunities.

Audentes designs hosted software solutions for the high volume wholesaler. Our systems let you dynamically scale your pricing and order capacity in a true straight-through order processing environment in real time.

Now, you can quote and process thousands of sales to hundreds of customers a day — as easily and as hassle free as processing a single sale to a single customer.

TheOTCDesk System

For the past 20 years our flagship product, TheOTCDesk System has created a measurable competitive advantage for its users in multiple markets and products.

TheOTCDesk System increases your gross margins and decreases your cost of sales.

Increase your gross margins by dynamically generating and updating thousands of fully-differentiated quotations simultaneously in real time.

Decrease your cost of sales by automatically creating and processing the resulting orders in a true straight-through processing environment.